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 SunSet runoilee taas.. (tällä kertaa englanniksi)

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Some day my world begins to dance ~
Some day my world begins to dance ~

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ViestiAihe: SunSet runoilee taas.. (tällä kertaa englanniksi)   6/8/2012, 21:21

Täs joitain ''Taidonnäytteitäni'' Juu mul on jälleen tylsää..
(Huom! Olen keksinyt nämä itse, älä kopioi!) Älä välitä jos on jotain virheitä..

Raindrops symbolize loneliness..

When raindrops are falling
And the sun has been blown away
Only grey, cloudy sky is remaining
They symbolize my feelings of loneliness
But maybe someday..
Happiness will reach me
And when that day comes
I will find my true love♥️

Sky full of dreams

Sometimes I just looking in the sky
And I let my mind escape to my dreamland
To a place where everything is perfect and there's no question ''why'',
To a place that nobody could understand
How things could be easier than they are
There would be no such things as wars and sorrow
World would be filled with joy and care
But I know that a dream isn't a thing that people can borrow
But believing in yourself and caring people that are around us
Is more than enough
To make this world a better place to live cause
We need eachother because without friends, live is tough
Together we can make the sky look bright.. Smile

No kumpi on parempi??
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SunSet runoilee taas.. (tällä kertaa englanniksi)
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